The Good For Her idea stemmed from my early days working with entrepreneurs and noticing how often groups of men were getting together to support each other in their journeys and how few women were doing the same.  Women needed safe spaces to empathize and support each other without judgment and they were being excluded or opting out of support groups because they were often "the only ones". So, I decided to create their own safe space.


The first cohort of women started in 2015 in Boston, MA. It was a carefully curated group of founders; each with their unique stories and each creating very different kinds of companies and products. We started with structured conversations and a shared slack group for private conversations. Over time, these women bonded with each other without facilitation. When I moved to NYC, I decided to try it again, and no surprise, the magic happened again! The second cohort flourished and then the third and the bonds are now deep. It is my goal that these cohorts continue - each with their own unique personality and with members who are authentic, supportive and eager to grow. So far so good!

The name, Good For Her (or GFH), was coined after frequent meetings I had with venture capitalists who, when I told them about men I was working with would often ask for introductions. However, when I would brag about these great women founders in my cohorts (many with equal if not better traction than some of the men) these same investors would respond with "Good for her." and move on without requests for intros. So, it's a bit of a snarky name, but it resonated with my cohorts, so it stuck! ...and heck, it really is good for her!