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Peer Connections Through Good For Her (GFH)

I believe that founders from underrepresented communities thrive when they connect with each other in a safe, candid, and supportive forum. GFH members are diverse, like-minded, C-suite leaders of cross-industry, early stage, companies placed in carefully curated cohorts of 8-10 individuals to encourage connections and foster peer support. We currently participate virtually and will some day resume city cohorts once we're past Covid-19, The next cohort starts summer 2021!

In addition to a private Slack group, all cohorts are invited to free meet-ups and events to foster their connections and provide learning opportunities. Each cohort develops a special relationship that blossoms over time with members offering each other tactical, strategic and emotional support. All GFH members are encouraged to engage with each other both in and outside of their cohorts. Events vary from simple gatherings to talk about work and life to more structured events to cover specific topics such as Organizational Design, Fundraising and Product Strategies. When not in the middle of a pandemic, we also attend book talks, conferences and other industry events as they arise.

GFH is a registered 501(c)(3).

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Compassionate Coaching Professional

Since 2013, I’ve been successfully coaching clients across the US to facilitate their self-growth. With three decades of engineering, product and team leadership throughout the startup-to-scale journey, I bring a unique perspective to C-suite leaders of early stage companies. I focus on organizational development, leadership and product strategy, but have seen (almost!) everything, so can drop into other topics as needed. You can read more about my coaching practice here.


I am also an angel investor and sit on boards of early stage companies and non-profits.

Approximately 20% of my time is dedicated to offering free coaching and programming to women and members of underrepresented communities. I founded GFH in 2015 as a platform to support these efforts.

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